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The microprocessors market has been geographically segmented into North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, South America and Middle East & Africa. Asia-Pacific accounts for around 55% of the market. The smartphones and tablets market is rapidly increasing which is driving the microprocessors market. Along with, rise in disposable income, a result of the economic growth, in emerging markets also had a positive impact on the demand for mobile phones and tablets. Emerging countries such as India and China were experiencing higher levels of growth than the developed economies during 2014-2018. The overall economic growth of emerging economies positively influenced the microprocessor market. For example, in 2017, India's GDP grew at 7% and China's GDP grew at 6.8%. With growing middle-class population and falling mobile data prices, mobile subscription grew significantly in India and China. For instance, mobile phone subscriptions in India increased to 1.17 billion in as of December 2018, while mobile phone subscriptions in China reached 1.56 billion as of November 2018. Additionally, all in one microprocessor brings smart phone major components together and increase its performance and efficiency, hence is driving the microprocessors market globally. The rise in costs associated with chips and microprocessors is expected to act as a major restraint on the microprocessor industry. Although the prices of chips and communications hardware components are declining, software costs meanwhile are increasing. Increased demand for sophisticated and diversified software is a major reason for this. Further, the wages of the labor involved in the software development and production are increasing considerably. These factors are expected to act as a restraint on the microprocessor market during the forecast period. A rapid increase in energy consumption of microprocesors in wireless networks has been recognized as a major threat for environmental protection and sustainable development.


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The retailer is challenging the attorney general’s attempts to force it to adopt worker safety measures that go beyond what the company had implemented, in a lawsuit filed Feb. 12 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Amazon argues that federal law preempts her from doing so. James blasted the filing in a statement issued later that day, accusing Amazon of using the litigation to distract from a poor worker-safety record during the pandemic. The attorney general on Tuesday filed her own lawsuit against the company in the Supreme Court of the State of New York for the County of New York in Manhattan, claiming the company had violated several state labor laws and failed to protect its employees. Now, in parallel legal actions, the AG and the online giant will fight over who has dominion over worker safety at Amazon’s Staten Island fulfillment center. Michael Duff, a professor of law at University of Wyoming College of Law in Laramie, said Amazon may have a hard time convincing a judge that OSHA Covid-19 requirements adequately protected workers. “Hasn’t everyone been screaming for the past year that there isn’t a standard?” he asked. A court victory for the attorney general would show there was room for state regulation of Covid-19 worker safety, even if it hadn’t been specifically authorized by the federal government, said Adam Pulver, an attorney with the advocacy group Public Citizen who tracks worker safety litigation. In general, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the prime responsibility for worker safety and health, according to the 1970 law that created the agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Act . The law allows for state regulation of private-sector workers if the state has a worker protection agency that has been approved by federal OSHA—such as the California Division of Occupational Safety Health—or if the state is regulating a hazard not covered by an OSHA rule. Several states dig this with those federally approved programs—including California, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington—use a mix of regulations and executive orders to protect workers from Covid-19 infections. Most of the 28 states without such a federally approved program also haven’t issued Covid-specific workplace rules. In attempting to impose its will upon Amazon, New York is unique. New York can create regulations and laws protecting workers from Covid-19, even without a U.S.-approved OSHA-like program, because there isn’t a federal OSHA rule for the disease, Public Citizen’s Pulver said. It’s not unusual for states or cities to enact narrowly focused regulations affecting worker safety that cross into OSHA’s jurisdiction, said Kenneth Kleinman, senior counsel with Stevens and Lee in Philadelphia. In New York, state requirements brought on by the pandemic for personal protection equipment in health-care facilities weren’t challenged, he explained.